Top 5 Things to do in Patan


Are you planning a trip to Lalitpur, (once Patan), Nepal? Are you planning on making your trip remarkable while you are here?  You can avoid aimless wandering by using this handy guide we have compiled, a useful list of the top seven best and most interesting things to do in Lalitpur, Nepal!

Lalitpur is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Nepal as it contains countless historical temples, monuments and gardens. If you love historic temples and historical palaces and art then Patan is the best  place to visit as it contains historical must-sees like Patan Darbar square, Golden Temple, and Rudra Mahabihar. Keep on reading as we take you through the top things to do in Lalitpur, Nepal.

1.Patan Durbar Square

Patan Darbar Square is a top place to visit in Lalitpur. It is one of the richest palaces of Kathmandu Valley, filled with fine arts, wood crafts and sculptures. The Newari arts of the palace signifies the native culture and hypnotizes its visitors; no wonder it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can explore many pagoda temples and idols like Krishna Temple, Bhimsen temple, etc.  in the area. The palace was built by King Vishnu Malla back in 1734 AD. so it offers a lot of historical knowledge and interesting facts. Visiting this place is an interesting thing to do in Lalitpur, Nepal.

2.Patan Meusem

Patan Museum is one of the significant attractions of Darbar Square area. It has a golden door and many historic holy arts in a stunning architectural way. A delightful garden around the museum adds even more beauty to the Darbar Square area. This palace is one of the royal palaces of former Malla kings of the valley, so on a visit you can experience cultural history along with rare, ancient fine arts, crafts, and former kings belongings. It is a beautiful place to visit, and definitely a fun thing to do in Lalitpur, Nepal.

3. Krishna Mandir Temple

Krishna Mandir reflects an astonishing architecture, augmented with delightful work of arts of the Malla Dynasty. The temple was built in 1637 AD in Shikhara style. The Temple has a lots of stone carvings of gods and goddesses lining the corridors. The temple has 21 summits. Visiting this place is always freshing because there’s a special worship program every morning. If you love ancient architecture then visiting this temple is a top thing to do in Lalitpur, Nepal.

4. Mahaboudha Temple

Located in the south of Darbar Square, Mahaboudha temple is one of the central attractions of Patan. The name refers to the ‘Temple of a thousand and eight Buddhas,’ and it is built in Shikhar style. The temple is famously known as “Syangtungu” in the Tibetan language, and is regarded as a significant religious site for Buddhists. As you can see many pieces of art and Buddhist idols. This is one of the most popular place in Lalitpur, Nepal.

5.Kumbeshwar Temple

Located in the northern part of Darbar Square area, Khumbeswar Temple is one of three 5-storey temples in the Kathmandu Valley. This temple is the perfect example of fine wood craft construction and it towers above the houses on the periphery.  The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva since it contains a huge Nandi idol and Shiva Lingam. The temple has two ponds, whose water is regarded as holy and used for sacred bathing. It is the best place to visit, and seeing this temple is a cool thing to do in Lalitpur, Nepal.