Top 5 things to do in Butwal


Do you need help finding the best things to do and see in Butwal Nepal? Are you still planning your trip?Standing beside the shimmering Tilottama River at the northern edge of Terai plateau near the Indian border, Butwal lies below the Siwalik Hills inside Province 5 of Nepal. Butwal is one of the most fastest growing cities of Nepal which has become popular for holding the title of “The Best City in Nepal” five times in a row. Once you arrive in Butwal, you can enjoy the panoramic views of hills and fertile lands while enjoying authentic Nepalese dishes.

Relax while I do all the heavy lifting for you by providing the top 5 things to do in Butwal Nepal.


For those wanting to spend their time exploring the historic sites and ancient palaces, Manimukunda Park is a famous thing to do in Butwal Nepal. Named after a legendary Palpali King, the Manimukunda Park holds an incredible amount of natural and archaeological importance. At present, Manimukunda Park is also famous for hosting e weddings and other social events.


Do you enjoy traveling around cultural and religious places? Rated by many travelers as an interesting thing to do in Butwal Nepal, Devdaha is a popular tourist destination located east of Butwal. Historically, Devdaha is known as the maternal home of Queen Maya Devi- the mother of Siddhartha Gautama. This is the reason, Devdaha is considered to be an important place for Buddhist people.


Do you want to visit a holy pilgrimage place during your holiday in Nepal? Siddha Baba Temple is a popular place to visit in Butwal Nepal which is located on a hill bordering the Butwal municipality . Siddha Baba Temple serves as a pilgrimage destination for thousands of Hindu believers who want to worship Lord Shiva.


Museums play a crucial role in preserving artistic, scientific and cultural antiquities. So, it can be very special to visit museums if you truly want to learn something historic and remarkable. The Sainamaina Museum is a top thing to do in Butwal Nepal as it hosts several important historical treasures located 12km west of Butwal.


Want to try something cool and exciting? Banbatika Zoo and Park is Known as the best place for picnic and recreational activities, it's a beautiful place to visit in Butwal Nepal. Locals usually come here with their family to look at wild animals kept in the zoo. Near Banbatika Zoo there is also a children's amusement park where the kids can have plenty of fun