Top 5 Things to do in Bandipur


Are you planning a trip to Bandipur Nepal? Are you thinking of the best way to spend your time while you’re here? Let us tell you the best things to do in Bandipur so you can make your journey remarkable!

Bandipur, known as a living museum of Newari culture, is one of the most charming Newari cities of Nepal. This city is situated on the lofty ridge and its roads are covered with traditional homes. You will have an amazing experience as you explore the incredible sights such as Siddha cave, Khadga Devi; Akala Devi temple, Library, wildlife reserve and many more.


Siddha cave, this cave is known as largest cave in Nepal. This cave is 50m high and 437m deep. This cave is filled with incredible stalactites and the lovely whistle of countless bats. Hiking this cave from Bandipur is a popular trip for visitors. The way to the cave is easy to follow, with beautiful views to enjoy on the way. The cave contains things like Shiva Linga, Ganesh’s face structure, and a swimming pool. Visiting this cave is one of the best things to do in Bandipur.


This place was used by food traders from Tibet &  India many years ago. It was also used by former Gurkha soldiers as a Parade ground. Now a days it’s become a popular picnic spot and viewing point. There are amazing views of summits like Machhapuchre, Lirung, and Dhaulagiri on a clear day. Hanging out with family and friends at this place is an interesting thing to do in Bandipur.


Thani Mai temple is situated at the top of the hill and it offers an outstanding view of sun rises, along with plenty of historical art work and sculptures. You can see a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the city from the Gurungche Hill on a clear day.  Trekking here from the Bazaar is a popular trip for trekkers, which makes it is a beautiful place to visit in Bandipur, Nepal.


Khadga Devi temple is a perfect example of the excellent old temple, the mother temple for the Shresthas whose ancestors moved from Sankhu to Bandipur. It is dedicated to the sword of the 16th century king of Palpa Mukunda Sen, and widely believed that the sword is a gift from Lord Shiva.  The temple is a top place to visit; located at a high altitude so visitors can observe the picturesque beauty of Bandipur. On a clear day you can also enjoy views of the Himalayas and perhaps some wild animals too. This place is a must-see, and catching a glimpse of this temple is said to be the best thing to do in Bandipur, Nepal.


This temple is situated in the northern part of the main bazaar and is dedicated to the goddess Durga. The historic walls of this temple are filled with incredible carvings. There is also a Library called Padma, a lovely building with awesome carvings. As you can see many ancient sculptures, art work, and wood carvings, this temple is the best place to go in Bandipur, Nepal.