Things to do in Markhu


Markhu is one of the beautiful tourist place near Katmandu valley which is about 40 Km from Balkhu, Kathmandu. Markhu is specially known as for it’s Indra Sarobar Lake. This place provides a great opportunity to the people living in Kathmandu Valley. They can explore the beauty of nature and the life style of village people. It is also very economical place to visit from Kathmandu valley. Due to the construction of road in the recent years, it is becoming one of the favorite tourist place among the people living in Kathmandu Valley. The main attraction of Markhu is Nepal’s largest manmade lake- Indra Sarobar, Kulekhani Dam and Boating. It is also very famous for hiking and for its natural beauty as well. there are many things to do in Markhu. Which are:-


The main attraction of Markhu is Nepal Largest manmade lake- Indra Sarobar. Indra Sarobar is the nearest lake from Kathmandu Valley. The size of the lake is 7 kilometers that you will not believe that it is a manmade lake. Kulekhani Dam created this lake. It lies at the deep gorge between Kulekhani Village development committee and Markhu.  You will be amazed after seeing the beauty of Indra Sarobar Lake. The beauty of this lake cannot be describe by any word. You might have seen various lake in movies and you wished to visit that lake once in a life. Just think the time has come to visit a lake similar to that one. The reflection of sun light on Lake’s water during the sunrise and sunset provides you an immense satisfaction and will make your heart full of joy. In overall, it is one of the beautiful lake present in Nepal.


Boating in Indra Sarobar is one of the interesting recreational things. The view from outside the Lake and the view from inside are both an amazing experience. Only small part of area is open for boating. Boating for onetime costs NRP 110 for Nepalese and nearly about NRP 500 for foreigners (not sure about the rate for foreigners). Each person will be provided with one life jacket b(no extra charge will be applied for life jacket). Boating time is about half an hour. You can hire a boat if you want to explore all parts of Indra Sarobar Lake.


Indra Sarobar is very famous for local fishes. Many people visit here specially to eat fish. Different varieties of fishes are found in it. Along with Lake view and boating, tourists can enjoy delicious fish.


As you know now that the lake is 7 Km long. Enjoying only one portion of the Lake may not be satisfactory for you. Therefore, hiking is another opportunity for you to explore maximum corner of the Lake. Hiking will help you to explore more and more area of the Lake and explore the beauty of Nature.