Things to do in Lukla


Are you planning a trip to Lukla Nepal? Are you thinking of the best ways to spend your time while you are there? Look no further because we have compiled a list of the top things to do in Lukla Nepal for you!

Lukla is a popular place for visitors as it offers a close up view of Mount Everest and the mountain life of the local inhabitants, along with unique cuisine and many adventures. It is located  in the famous Everest trekking trail, so visiting this place will be a breathtaking experience. Keep on reading as we take you through the best things to do in Lukla, Nepal.


The base camp of the Mt. Everest Namche Bazaar, lies near to Lukla. Two days hiking to the base camp and experience the most adventurous trip you can enjoy ever in your life. The base camp of Everest climbers is Namche Bazaar, so is the best place to go to see hundreds of tourists preparing for the challenge. There are so many hotels, and lodges on the trail where you can enjoy hot mountain food specialities. Lukla is a beautiful place to visit, and visiting the Everest base camp trek is the best thing to do in Lukla, Nepal.


Sagarmatha National Park is the best place to visit as it is a World Heritage site elevated from 6000m to the highest peak on the earth’s surface. It is a spectacular park, with magnetic mountains, gorges, and glaciers, as well as many endangered animals like the snow leopard, and red panda. This park also contains seven other mountains, which are all over 7000 m high. Visiting this park is a popular thing to do in Lukla, Nepal.


The local Sherpa people will gives you a different types of food menus. You can experience the taste of the different types of local drink, Tongba, made up of cooked and fermented millet. Thers is another popular dish called Sherpa stew, while traditional Nepali food like Dhal Bhat, Gundruk, and soya-beans are also popular among the tourists. Tasting the local cuisine is a fun thing to do in Lukla, Nepal.While you are trekking to Everest base camp area you must try the most popular cuisine of sherpa people to take its taste.


Trekkers can check out the local hospitals and schools, and can donate books, medicines, and funds, or volunteer to help out at local schools and hospitals. The residents often suffer due to lack of sufficient hospitals, medicine, books and schooling, so visiting this place promotes positive change for the locals which is a cool thing to do in Lukla, Nepal.


The most interesting thing to do in Lukla Nepal is Village excursions. Villages like Lukla, Chaurikharka and Surke, gives you a chance to discover amazing landscapes, serene triangular forests, views of panoramic peaks and unique hot houses, and the nature of the high Himalayas. Top places to visit villages that you get an opportunity to interact with the courteous Sherpa people, and experience their way of life.