Things to do in Janakpur


Are you planning a trip to Janakpur Nepal? Are you looking for the best things to do and see in Janakpur Nepal?

Surrounded by several torrential rivers, Janakpur is a beautiful city best known for its cultural and historical sites such as Janaki Mandir. Janakpur is also known as the gateway to Mithila where you can get a firsthand impression of ancient Mithila arts and crafts.

We’re now going to take you through the 7 best things to do in Janakpur Nepal so you can have the best experience possible!


Built in 1898 AD by Queen Brisabhanu Kunwar of Tikamgargh, Janaki Mandir serves as a three storied Hindu Temple dedicated to Hindu Goddess Sita. Janaki Mandir is a very beautiful place to visit in Janakpur Nepal. Thousands of travelers come to Janakpur each year simply to witness the  magnificent grandeur of Janaki Mandir. Janaki Mandir showcases a fine blend of Indo-Islamic architecture within its 60 rooms and is fully decorated in a bright white color.


After Janaki Temple, Ram Mandir is another must visit temple in Janakpur. Regarded as the oldest temple in Janakpur, visiting Ram Mandir is listed as a popular thing to do in Janakpur Nepal. The architectural design of Ram Mandir highlights the ingenious Nepalese methodology and craftsmanship. This impressive temple was built by Amar Singh Thapa in dedication to Ram, the prince of Ayodhya.


Don’t forget to make a short visit to Janakpur Dham Rail Station while spending your day at Janakpur. It is the first and only operational railway in Nepal making it a cool thing to do in Janakpur Nepal. Janakpur Dham Rail Station was built in 19th century by the British East India Company for the purpose of transporting goods such as timber and several other raw products.


Dedicated to Goddess Durga, Rajdevi Mandir is located adjacent to Ram Mandir. Rajdevi Mandir becomes a hot spot for visitors during Dashain festival. Dashain is considered to be the most important festival of Hindu people in Nepal. Thousands of devotees come to Rajdevi Mandir to worship and offer animal sacrifices to Goddess Durga during Dashain festival. This is a must for you if you are looking for a special cultural experience.


Janakpur consists of several ancient ponds that have great historical and mythological significances. Among such ponds, Ganga Sagar and Dhanush Sagar are the most sacred ,which you can find near Ram Mandir. If you’re a nature lover then these ponds are an essential for your list of famous things to do in Janakpur Nepal.


Located adjacent to Janaki Mandir, Bivahmandap is an important place of interest in Janakpur. Bivahmandap is also known as Ram Sita Bibaha Mandir. It marks the spot where Lord Ram and Sita got married. Visiting Bivahmandap is an interesting thing to do in Janakpur Nepal as this temple also features statues of Lord Ram’s brothers. You won’t want to miss these stunning pieces of craftsmanship!


The architecturally beautifully holy temple of Jaleshwar is a beautiful place to visit in Janakpur Nepal. Located south of Janakpur near the Indian border, Jaleshwar Mahadev features a ‘Shiva lingam’ which lies about 20 feet below the temple. Be sure to visit Jaleshwar temple if you want to experience one of the top things to do in Janakpur Nepal.