Things to do in Ilam


Ilam is the first choice to visit Eastside of Nepal. It is one of the beautiful hilly District, which lies in Province No. 1. Ilam is bordered by Panchthar in the north, Jhapa in the south, West Bengal (India) in the east and Morang and Dhankuta districts in the west. It is located  at the west of the Shinghalila range and south of the Mahabarat range. It is one of the major horticultural crops production places in Nepal which is near to the border of India having Darjeeling in the East.

 Ilam is one of the richest districts of Nepal in terms of its unique cultural diversity, lush green forests, natural landscapes, holy sites, and flourishing cash crops sectors like Potato, cardamom, ginger, coffee, red round chilly, and broom grass. Ilam is mostly popular for its tea and cardamom which is famous all over Nepal and South Asia, and also all over the world.

Ilam tea garden is said to be the world's best organic tea producer. Ilam is also famous for the beautiful places with peaceful environment such as Antu Danda, Siddhi Thumka, Kanyam and Fikkal, Chhintapu, Mai Beni, Sadakpur, Mai Pokhari, Gajur Mukhi etc. popular for the largest sloped tea gardens in Kanyam and also the heavenly views of many mountains such as Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Everest and so on.

Visitors and researchers also go to Ilam for botanical and anthropological research. The romantic walk in the tea gardens, sunrise and sunset, picnic and sightseeing spots, cultural heritage and short treks along the slopes into nearby jungles and villages are some of the major things to do in ilam . The main ethnic groups and communities living in Ilam are the Brahmins and Chhetris, other major ethnic groups and communities living in Ilam include Magars, Gurungs, Rais, Lepchas, Limbus, and Sherpas.

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