Things to do in Dharan


Are you planning a trip to Dharan  Nepal? Are you thinking about making your travel remarkable while you are here?  Look no further because we have compiled a list of top things to do in Dharan, Nepal for you!

Dharan is a captivating cool place, regarded as a dream city to roam around by many travellers. The sacred temples like Budha Subba temple, Pindeswori temple, Dantakali temple;  Shera River, Shivajatta Falls provide an electrifying experience, so keep on reading as we take you through the best things to do in Dharan, Nepal.


Dharan clock tower is situated in the middle of the town, and a famous landmark of Dharan city. There is a beautiful garden around the tower which grants an enchanting view of the whole Dharan city. This tower is beautifully designed like the clock tower in Hong Kong, so visiting is a fun thing to do in Dharan, Nepal.


This temple, situated above the amazing city Dharan, is the best place to go to learn about Hinduism. Many Hindu devotees worship and sacrifice cocks to please the gods. The temple is dedicated to the holy spirit of Buda Subba, and young couples carve their name on bamboo, believing that their love will then be eternal. As it is so enchanting and holds such historical significance visiting the Budha Subba Temple is the best thing to do in Dharan, Nepal.


Pindeshwor temple is at the bottom of the Vijayapur Hill, with a beautiful pool housing a small idol at its midpoint. There are three temples on the site, with buzzing hanging bells to admire. There are many idols of god and goddesses; however, the temple is dedicated to the god Shiva. The site, with its panoramic landscapes and a Sanskrit college, is a beautiful place, and the best place to go in Dharan, Nepal.


This sacred temple is situated at the top of the Vijayapur Hill in a forested area is a top place to visit. There are two temples; and the main temple has some beautiful carvings and idols.  You can see monkeys running around in search of food as you enjoy a short relaxing trek, and take in the amazing landscapes around the site. This is why visiting this temple is an interesting thing to do in Dharan, Nepal.


This is a popular park in Dharan city, and one that has helped many species of birds and animals like deer, ducks, peacocks, and rabbis survive in the wild. This park is popular with family groups, people who love picnics, and dating couples so it is always filled with lots of visitors. As you can spot many different species of birds, animals and plants, visiting this park is a popular thing to do in Dharan, Nepal.


Shiva Jatta falls are a top place to visit, located in a forested area in the northern part of the city, and the trek to them is truly breathtaking. As its name suggests, it is believed that the water is originated from the hair of Lord Shiva.  Water from the top falls sharply to hit the rocks beneath, but you can actually bathe in these sacred waters. This is a very beautiful place to visit, and visiting Shiva Jatta Falls is often said to be the best thing to do in Dharan, Nepal.


Treking to Vijayapur Hill is the best thing to do in Dharan, Nepal because you can see the four main temples of the city, (Budha Subba, Pindeshwor, Dantakali and Panchakanya), along with an amazing view of delightful landscapes. Walking around this beautiful area is both interesting and relaxing.