Things to do in Chitlang


Ok so now you are in Chitlang,what next???Where to visit??
    There are a lots of places to visit in chitlang village like Satdhara,Swochandda Bhairab Temple,Markhu,Kulekhani (about 2 hour walk from Chitlang),Bhedafaram,Shikhardham temple,Krishna Mandir in Bisinkhel,and lot more.


 Famous Bhairab temple located at the side of clean flowing river,near to forest,no human settlement nearby,but most beatufil and scenic place.You can worship ,visist nearby Khakhu-8, village( about 15 min from temple ,(or if you are thinking of shouting loud then do that as well because less people travel there on normal day ;-0).Just a 5 minutes from Narayanhiti,30 minutes from Shochandra Bhairab high school.


Satdhara is one of the iconc place in Chitlang is. The seven stone tap with flowing water.If you are in Chitlang ,just a hour trek(maximum).Get there ,while going there you get to see the Newar community and their culture, way of life,little bit of jungle walk. 


You must have seen that scenic beautiful place in lots of music videos and get amused , does this place lie in Nepal? Yes its in Nepal ,and its Bhedafaram.No word to describe the scene you are going to enjoy there.Whenever I get there and see the Kulekhani Dam, Markhu village and Chitlang village. I never want to returning home.So scenic its not loke a real place its like a movie set. A must visit place.It take about  and half hour to reach there,can get there easily by trekking straight way,consult local if you don't know road,they are always happy to help you.Need to go through jungle ,with less frequent people walking,so if you are alone think twice ,because you would be the only one to enjoy the scene ,so who would take the photo huh????


Shikhardham is at the top of  Lamichhane village. This temple of Shiva is located just below the jungle ,peaceful, and from there you can see the Chitlang that tour operators or other normally don't take you,It is at the top of  Brahmin settlement ,you get to explore the life style of people there,a real village life,culture and ways of Brahmin,a true face of Nepal.(Not all Lamichhane and Brahmin,but 99% almost).From there you can go to Khaliban,Kuchbu to experience typical  Newar and Tamang settlements.